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Please Take Note

Our new "World Star GMRS System" should start rolling out the door and be ready for install by the end of this year.

These repeaters will be installed within each county/parish/division and available for use by members of our association to use for communications with their family and other licensed GMRS radio operators.

The way this system is designed is that each County within each State will be divided up into four (4) "Precincts".
Each of these precincts will be configured for one (1) GMRS channel per each Precinct and one (1) Countywide channel.
Some systems may even be connected with multiple other County/State systems.

Again, this is our attempt here at the USA GMRS Association at working together to bring quality communications to our family and friends within the communities of our United States.

Although not designed to replace the local cellular phone systems (except during or after a disaster situation when all cellular phone sites may be down or unavailable for public use), it is just another tool in your toolbox for having dependable communication within and around your communities.

As this project has been tested and proven to be very functional and usable as designed now for over a year we will be expanding it to many Cities, Counties, and States in the coming months.

We here at USA GMRS Association are proud of the individuals stepping up and obtaining their GMRS license throughout the United States and welcome you all to the world of GMRS.
Our advertisements, web pages, and community forums, along with social media, proves that we, and you as a licensed GMRS operator, are getting the word out about GMRS and aiding in the encouragement of those getting their license so they may use the assigned channels legally.

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The USGMRS Repeater & Users Group will soon be the largest General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) repeater cooperative in the United States with hundreds of GMRS licensees and their families operating on many local, state and nationwide repeaters in an unprecedented personal use and sharing environment.

From North to South, East to West, and all points in between, the amount of new GMRS Licensed Users continue to grow every day. And, with this growth, they do so while maintaining traditional values and forging forward on plans for sharing and advancing GMRS into newer technologies.

We here at the USA GMRS Association are on a path of becoming a leader within GMRS and will continue to do so as we look toward the future.

Our mission is simple: To help forge a path that brings about new technology, better education, and future representation with FCC together for our members, and also one that will allow members to share resources and make GMRS a viable personal and family communications medium for as many licensees as possible.

Once our Membership acceptance page is ready to go please consider joining. By joining The USA GMRS Association, you will have expressed your dedication to supporting the legal use of and the sharing of information on the proper use of GMRS.

Remember, as a national association we are all able to work together as one to better GMRS for everyone.

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Do you find it hard to imagine disaster victims with no communications, no power, no gas, nothing?

A solar-powered emergency repeater will usually cover an entire neighborhood district/subdivision.

Setting up neighborhood emergency communication radio system that can be accessed and operated by most any FRS, GMRS or UHF two-way radios brings emergency communications to your fingertips.

Communication systems like this allow for neighborhoods to have a larger area of emergency communications than most short radio-to-radio communications do.

Call today to see how you can add repeaters to your neighborhood for emergency communications.


Need A Repeater

Do you have a need for a repeater??

Find out how USA GMRS Association can help you with the purchase of your next repeater.

Assistance with the design, building and/or installation available.


What's The Difference Between GMRS & FRS.."

Well for one, FRS radios have lower transmit power (like .5 watts of RF power output), must not have the ability to remove the antenna, and FRS channels require no license to transmit on them.

GMRS radios can run more power (up to and a max of 50 watts with no max on ERP) and GMRS users may use handhelds Click here To Read More

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"Our goal is to have a place to ask questions, share information, and offer up any additional knowledge of or about GMRS (General Mobile Radio as described by FCC Rules and Regulations)... Topics about GMRS Mobile Radios, GMRS Handi-Talkies, GMRS Repeaters, GMRS Repeater use and/or sharing for local, state, and nationwide use. Also discussions pertaining to GMRS Rules & Regulation as set forth by the FCC and the sharing of experiences and knowledge of a licensed GMRS operator. Please keep it "family friendly" and of the English language and about GMRS........"

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Looking to get started using GMRS?

Start with some good clean used equipment?

Check out or Facebook page for some good clean used radio equipment for sale by our FB members

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