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Although FCC DOES NOT require frequency coordination for any GMRS repeater(s) --- Please consider listing your repeater on our site. By doing so you will be helping others looking to place their repeater(s) into operation by letting them know what frequencies are already in operation.

Even if your repeater is a "Private Use" repeater it still lets others know it is there.

This is NOT a complete listing of all repeaters in and around our beautiful country. Remember, just because you don't see it listed here doesn't mean there is not one around your area.

Thanks for looking and thanks for listing.

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Color Codes:

Blue - Privatly Owned Repeaters

Purple - USA GMRS Owned Repeaters

Yellow - USA GMRS Network Server Hubs

Black - Repeaters Out of Service

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What's The Difference Between GMRS & FRS.."

Well for one, FRS radios have lower transmit power (like .5 watts of RF power output), must not have the ability to remove the antenna, and FRS channels require no license to transmit on them.

GMRS radios can run more power (up to and a max of 50 watts with no max on ERP) and GMRS users may use handhelds Click here To Read More

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"Our goal is to have a place to ask questions, share information, and offer up any additional knowledge of or about GMRS (General Mobile Radio as described by FCC Rules and Regulations)... Topics about GMRS Mobile Radios, GMRS Handi-Talkies, GMRS Repeaters, GMRS Repeater use and/or sharing for local, state, and nationwide use. Also discussions pertaining to GMRS Rules & Regulation as set forth by the FCC and the sharing of experiences and knowledge of a licensed GMRS operator. Please keep it "family friendly" and of the English language and about GMRS........"

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